First look inside the NEW team kaliber Gfuel house Atlanta.

call of duty kosdff tk gfuel house Tk house

The move from New York to Atlanta is complete for Team Kaliber. KOSDFF and company take you inside the NEW Team Kaliber team house. Also first look into things to come from the guys. 

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  • Zachary Ryan Cole on

    Hello, my name is zack or wolf. I am a competitive player whom is looking for a big team. I have been training, and training to join a Call Of Duty, and CS:GO competitive team. I also live in Atlanta,GA been here all my life. And i live near down town ATL. (Kennesaw,GA or cobb county) I have been playing for YEAR’S and im incredible (WITH PROOF) I’ve been with really low organizations who will not go anywhere due to their loe standards. And im tired of it. I need a challenge. I am 17 year old junior in high school(northcobb high school) and i only play pc and xbox. Not ps4. But i am good at being multi platform player. And i am really good with call outs, map positions, and keeping my cool. I’ve been a huge fan of TK for a really long time. P 1st in my top 3 of CWL championships! Please email me back! This is a true bussiness inquirie, and i am willing to do what ever it takes to get into a high standard team, and meeting up to their standards! Thank you! Peace out! (Everything i said with a location, or school is to prove i Live in ga, and to help out in anyway) thank you again! -Zachary Ryan Cole ☺

  • Chris on

    time for another house. #fuckHOA

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