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Welcome to our new website made by @EmberWebs 

We have updated alot of features including latest videos by your favorite Team Kaliber members. Easy access to streams that are live and much more. We will be adding mutable features to the site as time goes on but feel free to leave any feedback on possible additions to the website below.   

New stream tab 

New updated rosters.


Lasted videos.

Updated eSports rosters.

Latest team news.

And much more to come. Feel free to comment down below with any feedback for us. 


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  • Matthew Salinas on

    The first person in tk I started watching was kosdff because of his trolling videos then i started watching the rest of the squad I have told my friends about the team and everyone in it one day I would love to join the tk family

  • Evan Alfaro on

    i have been telling people at my school about you guys mostly kosdff but yeah love you guys

  • Anon on

    On the home page there is a few typo’s.

  • Anon on

    This is a test message.

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